Wednesday, August 24, 2011

sexy fun look (smokey brown

Saturday, August 13, 2011

this is the video I posted on youtube.
 I love this kitchen is so cozy
and the color reminds me of butter.

These dogs are so adorable two of my favorite breeds.

 This the room I will be staying during my next vacation in the atlantis hotel shown below.

 Ilove this hollywood glamm hairstyle so classy.
beautyful smokey eye!

My life

this is just the begining of a wonderful life , I''m tracing my steps to my future.
I just posted my first video of some my makeup work on youtube.
Is funny how is so easy for me to talk to people but when it comes to talking
to a camera or simply just typing about my life is hard, I guess is something I
have to overcome. So excuse me if my writing is not perfect is a work in progress.
My dream  is to be the geatest makeup artist  and work to develope a cosmetic line.

My love for make up started  when I was 11 , yes I know too young to start
wearing makeup but I didn't say I was wearing it although  I would it loved it
my mom didn't allow it wish I thank her now. I just loved looking at magazines
or girls the were older than me and admired their makeup.